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Construction of ICC profiles

Coloured space

Color as the means of communication.

Using the method of continuous process of production’s calibration, according to which each involved device has its own table of colorful descriptions (ICC-profile), which is under conrol of the systems ColorSync and ICM (Image Color Matching) on the platforms Apple Macintosh and PC respectively, we are able to get the closest possible image to the one already printed even on the stage of processing.

The created profiles are then ‘plugged in’ to the programs of processing of the vector and raster graphics (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, FreeHand, CoreDraw etc.).


These are the services available concerning the creation of profiles:

  • Profile of the monitor.
  • Creation of the ICC-profiles of the scanning devices. These can be both scanners and digital cameras.
  • Creation of the profile of the output device. Output devices in this meaning are both the color proof systems and printing machines.


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