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Control of quality

Control of quality




High end solution for high quality flexo!

The complex system of quality control based on long years of experience in the field and specialized equipment and software has been introduced at our enterprise to ensure predicted high quality results of producing flexo forms.

Technical means and software:

  • Specialized licensed software;
  • Densitometer PERET, POCKET DENSONE for imprint and x-ray;
  • Complex of equipment and programs from the Italian company PERET, FLEX3PRO;

FLEX3PRO is a modern analyzer capable of comprehensibly and easily identifying, measuring and interpreting any flexo form parameter. FLEX3PRO is used for dot visualization, as well as to get the 3-D image of printing elements (dots).

FLEX3PRO is able to:


  • Film;
  • Laser Mask;
  • Flexo Plate;
  • Offset Plate;
  • Print;


  • Dot Area;
  • Screen Ruling;
  • Bar Code Width;
  • Dot Shape;
  • Stain Density;


  • Full Stochastic Screen;
  • 40lpi to 400lpi;
  • Minimum Dot;

Not only does day to day control of the key parameters of flexo forms production ensure predicted results, but it also guarantees high level of production behavior and quality of our products.

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